Hi everyone and thank you for stoping by my blog. I want to let everyone know a little about me and the "digiscrap world"! First, I should say: I LOVE TO TAKE PICTURES! I always tell people I think I took over 1000+ pictures of my first baby, first year of life! I was following her everywhere and making sure I have every memory saved! After her first year I was concerned about what to do with all the pictures so I decided to make a "First Year Book" and I love it. My mother in-law introduced me to Memory Mixer and digital scrap booking program, but to be honest I did not have the time to learn about until my girl was almost 2 and I did not have to work full time anymore! I did a few pages and love the way they were coming out so I did my first 2008 Year Book (two 100 pages book). I know use Memory Mixer and also Photoshop Elements 9, I also use many digital scrap booking embellishment, pages and more from the internet, my most favorite is Shabby Princess. I will tell you more about each of them later on each post. Anyway, I hope you love this blog and please let me know if you have any question or concerns or anything you want to learn!!
Thank you

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy as Pie Template Challenge #23

O.K. I am so sorry it is taking me soooo long to blog but i have a GREAT excuse! I am preggo... now 39 1/2 weeks!  so, please forgive me! lol

The Template Challenge was so much fun since I ahve this beautiful pictures taken by my sweet and so talented friend Michelle, from Michelle Hedstrom Photography, please check out her wonderful work!

Anyway, here it is the link to the FREE Easy as Pie Template Challenge #23

Here it is what I did!! Hope you like it!